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We cover a wide range of African technology-related news and topics, such as startups, innovation, gadgets, emerging trends and business in tech, and how they affect everyday life. We serve an important and fast-growing tech community in Africa. We discuss how life and technology intersect, and impact different individuals, businesses, and societies in our increasingly interconnected world.

We cover insightful news, trends, analyses, and a wide range of topics, bringing you the latest in technological advancement and breakthroughs.

We have a passionate editorial team that is committed to reporting all the developments in technology in an easy-to-read-and-understand format. We cover both fun and important range of topics.

Tech and Soda is owned and managed by Creacion Tech LTD, a technology company headquartered in the heart of Lagos.

Editorial Team

Our editorial team is comprised of passionate and dedicated editors and writers who are based in Nigeria. The team works round the clock to deliver news, reviews, reports, opinions, and analyses, on technology and innovations that are shaping our continent.


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