Microtraction is investing in Nigerian Edu-tech startup Gradely

Gradely is a Nigerian edu-tech startup using AI to help educators and parents make a difference in children’s learning outcomes and produce more globally competitive learners. The edu-tech startup recently raised initial funding from Microtraction to help it in its early growth phase.

Co-founded by Boye Oshinaga, Femi Ibiwoye, Seyi Adelaju, and Babatunde Caleb, Gradely provides tools, content, and people that can support the learning process of students. The company believes that with more real-time data and feedback on the learning process, teachers and schools can notice each individual’s learning gaps and fill those gaps in more efficient ways.

“Nigeria has repeatedly reported abysmal performances in the annual private West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). Factors such as low access to quality education due to a dearth of funds in Nigeria’s education sector and low quality of learning resources, mean that students have a difficult time passing the core subjects like Mathematics and English Language,” Microtraction said.

“Gradely is addressing this problem by helping parents and teachers get a hang of these issues early in the student’s journey, reduce reliance on the government’s funding of the sector and prevent repeat mass failures.”

There are already over 70 schools using Gradely to digitize homework for their students, while the team has curated over 4,500 Math practice questions and more than 80 video lessons for WASSCE and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). It also now offers live online tutoring.

“Gradely launches at a time when most schools are looking to explore digital learning for the first time. Gradely’s laser focus on getting intelligible insights from the student’s work is what truly differentiates them and underscores their desire to make an impact in the collective growth and educational journey of each student in Sub-Saharan Africa,” said Microtraction.

“We believe that Gradely’s approach moves us closer to improving the country’s recurring mass failure in certificate examinations thereby producing qualified students that are ready for the next chapter of their educational journey. We are confident in the team’s ability to pull this off by driving improved retention and results for primary and secondary school students in Africa.”

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