Apple iPhone 9 could be released April 15

Apple reveals an ambitious plan to release the iPhone 9, as the successor of the iPhone SE from 2016. The new device could be launched at an event on April 15th before hitting retail stores on April 22nd.

The iPhone 9 is a key handset in Apple's strategy. The Apple company hopes to use the cheaper iPhone 9  to block the flow of users to Android and bring them into Apple's cloud-based services with a wealth of subscription services.

Outside of the saturated US and European markets, this cheaper iPhone will be expected to make inroads into key Africa and BRIC markets to increase Apple’s presence and market share.

The iPhone 12 family was previously expected to be announced and released in September 2020 but that could be delayed till 2021. 

That would make the iPhone 9 the only new iPhone handset to be launched in 2020. The iPhone 9 may end up being the smallest iPhone handset in the current line-up, but it’s going to need very broad shoulders to lead Apple into our brave new world.

The iPhone 9 may end up being the cheapest and smallest iPhone handset in the current line-up of devices, but might help the company increase market share at home and abroad, increase the pool of users for subscription services, and open up new markets. 

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