Top 9 Startups That Have Made The News So Far in 2020.

Many Nigerian and African startups have been on the radar in 2020 for their innovative products and efficient operations. It is the hope of these companies to become the new industry leaders.

Here are Top 9 Startups that have been in the news in 2020.

1. Microtraction

Microtraction directly or indirectly helps 1,000 companies get funded each year.

What they do is identify the best early-stage, growth-driven technology startups with the potential to become billion-dollar companies. They then go ahead to work closely with the startups, providing them with pre-seed funding, professional and advisory services. 

Image result for microtractionThey get startups to a point where they are impressive enough to raise more funding or join world-class accelerators. Introduce startups to later-stage investors and help them navigate the process of raising a larger round of funding. 

They were in the news for this reason.

2. 54gene

Improving the inclusion of African populations in global genomics research, 54gene aims to build genetic data sets that make landmark discoveries a reality. 

Presently, most genomic data used for development research is from Europe, the United Kingdom, and North America with African genomic data only accounting for less than 3%, what they help do is close this gap by increasing access to highly curated genomic data from African populations.

To advance the knowledge of African genomics and promote inclusion in precision medicine through innovative basic, translational, and clinical research.

They made the news for this reason.

3. Pricepally is an online store that allows you to shop bulk items with your family and friends so you can enjoy deep discounts on the prices of food and daily needs, you will agree it’s a smarter way to shop.

Launched in November 2019, the start-up’s aim is to cut out middlemen and save consumers money by leveraging technology to aggregate demand via a sharing model.

At Pricepally, the motive is to enable sharing. When we share we get more for less and sharing is caring.

They connect farmers, manufacturers, wholesalers directly to the consumer in an innovative way that everyone benefits.

Check this out to know why they made the news.


Founded in 2018 by Austin Akagu, Desayo Ajisegiri, and Oluwatomi Solanke, Trove provides a micro-investing platform for users to access financial securities in Nigeria – government bonds, mutual funds, and publicly traded stocks.

With as low as ₦1,000, Trove allows potential investors to buy stocks and bonds using their debit cards or bank transfer. All they need to do it download the app (which is available on Google Playstore and Apple Store), sign up using their details, upload necessary documents, fund their Trove wallets and begin trading.

Trove allows its users to invest in international markets, US exchange-traded funds and stocks of US companies. You can own a piece in major companies abroad and participate in the global economy. Trove offers you access to various financial assets listed on major local and foreign stock exchanges. We work with renowned, stable partners to ensure your investments are in safe hands.

Users can also sell their assets using the platform and have the proceeds deposited into their accounts while the startup generates its revenue from commission on trades.

In about a year of existence, the startup has received massive traction with over 1000 downloads of its app on Playstore. The startup has also raised about N3 million from ARM Labs and Ventures Platform. With this fund, it plans to scale its operations.

This year, they secured funding and made the news, check here for more details.

5. Janngo

Janngo builds, grows and invests in pan-African digital champions with proven business models and inclusive social impact. 

They build digital ecosystems in high growth sectors by providing business support and digital platforms allowing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to scale and contribute to the economic empowerment of youth and women through job creation and capacity building.

Janngo is the first African Social Start-up Studio that leverages technology and capital to build digital ecosystems in high growth sectors by developing customer-centric and value-added services for African customers, enabling African SMEs to scale their enterprises, while creating jobs and empowerment opportunities for youth and women.

They made the news this year as well, check this out to know why.


Tolaram Group is a holding company headquartered in Singapore, it operates a diversified business interest that includes the largest noodles brand in Nigeria. 

Tolaram Group, the Indomie maker that has dominated the Nigerian instant noodles market for years and also delved into the ports and cargo business. The firm has a presence in Egypt, Estonia, Ghana, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Singapore.

Tolaram Group’s growing portfolio of products and services have become household names in the markets we are present in. 

Not only that, but the organization also has joint ventures with blue-chip partners such as Salim Group, Kellogg and Arla.

They made the news this year for this reason.

7. Flutterwave

Flutterwave provides the easiest and most reliable payment solution for businesses anywhere in the world.

Flutterwave was founded in 2016 by a team of ex-bankers, entrepreneurs and engineers. They provide the award-winning technology core needed to provide businesses all around the world a powerful, reliable and intelligent payment gateway. 

Flutterwave's mission is to simplify payments for endless possibilities.

8. Afrikrea

Afrikrea is the platform to discover, buy and sell fashion, art, and crafts Made Of Africa around the world.

It is primarily an e-commerce site, which brings together creators, African or not, from all over the world and allows them to open a free online store to sell their creations. The platform, therefore, allows you to find in one place the greatest variety and the widest choice of fashion, art and crafts inspired by Africa. All amateurs or neophytes, wherever they are in the world can therefore simply buy these unique works.

By playing the role of a trusted third party, Afrikrea facilitates transactions and exchanges directly between buyers and sellers on both sides of the world, in a user-friendly and secure way.

They raised an amazing expansion this year and as such made the news, check this out for details.

9. VFD Group

VFD Group was incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) on 7th July 2009 and commenced business operations effectively on the 1st of January 2011. 

VFD Group is a proprietary investment company that focuses on building positive and socially conscious ecosystems by aggregating potentially viable business with the objective of creating innovative products and solutions that are accessible to the everyday Nigerian citizen and entrepreneur. 

VFD Group was founded by skilled professionals with diverse experience, qualifications, and backgrounds. As a team, we identified the gap between both individuals and small businesses and their banking experiences and set out to bridge the divide.

This year, they launched their own virtual banking platform, check this out for more details.

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