After Months Of Uncertainty, Safeboda, Launches In Nigeria

Safeboda, the largest motorcycle ride-hailing company within Africa, lately launched within Nigeria. 

The motorbike-hailing startup started in Uganda and earlier on announced it was expanding to Kenya and is now making Nigeria its third country of operation. 

Safaboda enters a Nigerian market that has a busy tech ecosystem. This year its biggest competitors in Nigeria like MAX has raised $7 million and plans to add electric motorcycles to its fleets, Gokada raised $5.3 million in Series A funding.

Safeboda isn’t starting its operations in Lagos, the country’s economic capital and most populous city. This is quite unlike its predecessors in the Nigerian bike-hailing space. This can be easily associated with recent developments.

Recently, the Lagos state government dealt a heavy blow on bike-hailing startups when it issued a restriction on commercial motorcycles in LGAs and roads in the state. This has seen many of the startups pivot into deliveries while others are silent about their next steps.

Choosing Ibadan as its first market will mean the company will have lesser regulatory and operational challenges to deal with.

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