7 Tech Companies in Nigeria That Have Now Adopted Remote Work

With a steady increase in the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Nigeria, Nigerian companies are beginning to respond to the developments. 

Companies and startups in the tech space are recommending their employees to work from home as the novel coronavirus continues to spread in the country.

1. Carbon

Fintech platform, Carbon has announced that all its employees will be working from home to minimise the likelihood of infection.

“According to experts, the best way to slow the spread of the virus is to increase basic personal hygiene, such as washing hands and practising social distancing,” Carbon said in a statement. “As a careful measure to safeguard and support the Carbon team, we’re working towards ensuring that we can work from our homes if need be.”

2. Andela

Although Andela Nigeria has not effected a 100% remote policy for all its employees yet, the talent outsourcing company has begun testing for the worst-case scenario.

The company yesterday asked all its employees to work from home as a drill should incase they need to effect a fully remote system due to the COVID-19.

3. Fint

Fintech startup, Fint earlier today announced its plans to continue with the full remote policy it began in February. Making the announcement on Twitter, the startup says it is optimistic the whole situation will be better, however it is playing its part for the welfare of its team and partners.

4. Paystack

The initial plan at Paystack, the Nigerian fintech company, was to run a 100% remote situation where staff will not be allowed into their physical offices this Friday. All staff were to work from home as a test scenario.

The purpose was to provide guidance on how to operate should a shutdown become necessary, according to a company representative in an email to TechCabal on Tuesday.

That plan has been revised following the increase in Nigeria’s COVID-19 cases. The company announced that instead of the Friday simulation, “all members of the Paystack team have been encouraged to work from home.

5. Buycoins Africa

On Tuesday, cryptocurrency exchange platform, Buycoins Africa also announced that it is mandating remote work for all its employees for the next few weeks.

The startup’s CEO, Timi Ajiboye noted that the action is taken out of caution despite the small number of confirmed cases so far.

6. MTN

With regard to remote work, MTN said they have always had a remote work policy for certain categories of staff and that nothing has changed “with or without COVID-19.”

7. Konga

In a similar tone, eCommerce outfit Konga said “staff predominantly have to be physically present at the offices and other areas of our operations” in a joint response with Zinox Technologies, its parent company.

They however noted that some staff work from off-site locations as a consequence of a younger, more mobile workforce reflecting the changing dynamics of the tech industry.

Crucially, it is important to note that remote work may not be a possibility outside of Lagos and Abuja, the two most urban cities where internet facilities are likely most stable. 

Also, companies whose activities are not centered around online collaboration may find a pivot to remote work impractical. Manufacturers of essential commodities will, by definition, have to remain open with staff on-site.

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