2 Weeks After Launching In Nigeria, SafeBoda Hits 1 Million Users

On Monday, March 16, SafeBoda announced that it had clocked 1 million users in total since launching, and this was only a fortnight after its long-awaited launch in Nigeria finally happened.

It was a milestone, a landmark event that began right there on the streets of Kampala, through Nairobi, Kenya, and down to Ibadan, Nigeria. 

In Ibadan, Nigeria, where it launched two weeks ago after a nine-month-long wait, the startup will be hoping to pull off a Kampala, though the first-mover advantage that contributed to its success in Uganda is not available this time around. 

Plus the unpredictable and unstable regulatory landscape that dealt a severe blow to bike-hailing startups in nearby Lagos earlier this year is another concern.

SafeBoda Nigeria’s Head of Marketing, Olumide Akinsola, told WeeTracker that the company plans to grow as big as possible. 

“We plan to grow as big as creativity and innovation allows while ensuring that we keep true and stay real to our ethos,” he said.

“Our strategy is the same everywhere: create value by providing services that people need, while also building a brand that people can own, and that they can be a part of.

“This is the secret to the success of the business over the years and it’s the same model that we adhere to in all our markets.”

According to Akinsola, SafeBoda Nigeria currently has operations only in select areas in Ibadan and while expanding to other parts of Nigeria is a definite proposition, all efforts are currently being channeled towards building out the company in Ibadan, Oyo State, South-Western Nigeria.

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