Review - Samsung's next-generation Galaxy Buds+

The new Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is very much an update into the wireless system for the company. The battery life lasts just as long to make it a working wonder, it has an improved call audio thanks to a third internal microphone, and there is as well a new dual-driver design that offers more powerful drivers for better, clearer sound. 

Not just that, the buds is compatible with iOS through the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus app. 

Samsung has priced the Galaxy Buds in an extremely competitive way. The earbuds are cheaper than Apple's most affordable AirPods. That is a plus, especially considering the fact that they have superior battery life.

We’re told that the Galaxy Buds+ is going to increase that to 85mAh, allowing the earbuds to last for 12 hours on a single charge. That’s going to be a welcome improvement for those who use their Galaxy Buds religiously.

The Galaxy Buds+ has been unveiled at the Unpacked event on the 11th of February this year. The buds are available at any Samsung store or at a general slot. If you would rather get it online, then you can check out this link.

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