Over 7,700 attacks by threats posed as dating apps in Africa

Kaspersky, the Russian cybersecurity firm,  has revealed that attacks amounting to 7,700 were carried out against some countries in Sub-Saharan Africa even down till Valentine’s Day 2020. 
The attacks, according to reports, were targeted mainly at South Africans, Kenyans, and Nigerians.
Popular dating applications in Africa were used as a bait to access personal information of users and/or spread malicious software with apps like Tinder, Zooku, and co being used. 
The claim is that the attacks had nothing to do with the original apps as the attackers only used a fake version of the app to attract unsuspecting users.
After enticing people to download apps and logon, the cybercriminals thereafter bombarded the unsuspecting users with unsolicited adverts or lured them to pay high-cost subscription packages 
Kaspersky also reckoned that the risk-level of the malware was reliant on the files downloaded. Some files carried Trojans that had the capacity of downloading other malware and other files carried the malware that could send an SMS on their own. 
Adware was also distributed maliciously and they potentially could distribute unsolicited adverts to users who download malicious files onto their phones or their computers.
South Africa was the most attacked country during the period shouldering about 58 percent of the region’s attacks while Kenya took a distant second with about 10 percent. Nigeria was farther down, taking four percent of the attacks.
Kaspersky announced that they discovered about 7,734 attacks on about 2,548 users. Claiming that the African region went under the circulation of about 1,486 threats.

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