Microsoft Warns Users of New Windows 10 Update that Can Crash Systems.

Microsoft recently issued a major warning to all the users of Windows 10 users. This warning became imminent as regards the latest ‘Patch Tuesday’ update that is said to be capable of causing system freezes and crashes across every supported version of Windows 10, from Windows 10 Home through to Enterprise and even Server.

An update, ‘KB4524244‘ was initially made available for a number of days before it was pulled out by Microsoft again. Though they did act on it, the action was not fast enough as the time the update was around, enough people had the bugged patch to be firmly installed in their system.

Another Windows 10 update, ‘KB4532693‘, a security fix, released two years ago by Microsoft has just recently begun causing stop errors or Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) crashes. This particular update is quite nefarious because it is also reported to be deleted files – especially files stored on the desktop so be wary if you save content there – as well as user settings, are being reverted to default.

Microsoft has since pulled this update as well, seemingly confirming the reports that it does not work well. Users from all over have come to lodge their complaints ranging from how it reverted everything on their system to the basic settings and even cleared all the programs and information on the system.

Another user came to tell of how the latest update wiped all the settings from the system every time there was a restart.

Other users have complained about finding their desktops having gone “black, icons are gone”, with their Taskbar and Start menus being empty as well, and that having uninstalled the update has not returned any of the information.

This standalone security update has since been removed from all of Windows’ updating services.

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