Microsoft Releases a New Single Mobile App To Sync Word, Excel and Powerpoint

The single Office app works for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The functionalities of all three apps can be effectively maximized in the single app. 

It can be used to create new documents, access existing ones and even scan texts with a mobile phone. It can also convert images to texts or tables, scan pictures into PDFs, transfer files from computer to phones, and to scan QR codes using Office lens.

The app was first released for testing in November 2019 but is now available for download on app stores. It works as a central hub for Microsoft tools. 

This latest Microsoft Office app helps improve mobile productivity, especially when a document requires all three office products.

The single app is lighter than all three put together and saves memory space. The app is built for optimum mobile usage and offers an integrated experience for the user. Anyone can use the app for free without having to sign-up. Once logged in, you can access personal Microsoft documents saved on the cloud.

The only downside to this new app is that there is no support for tablets or Chromebooks whatsoever. While the existing Word, PowerPoint, and Excel apps work very well on large-screen devices, including Chromebooks, the new app is locked to portrait mode and has no tablet-specific UI. The iOS equivalent of the all-in-one office app is currently unavailable as well. 

Users who want to upgrade to the full version of the apps can do so by making an in-app purchase.

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