How To Avoid Using the Wrong ALT Tags and Optimize For Image Search

When talking about SEO, there are many parts to it and the idea of optimizing images is very key especially if you aim to rank on all angles. In fact, if done correctly, image search can give you a really great traffic lift, and if you choose to license out your images for use across the Internet it just works better for you

How to optimize images on your website

The HTML ALT attribute and its use have not been utilized well for search engine optimization. It has been used–still is– as a spammy way to try to manipulate results for search engines.

Learn how to optimize for users and search engines in this short post and discover the ALT attribute techniques that work. And, we look at 508 accessibility issues –  it is also included briefly in the video snippet.

The basic syntax looks like this: <img src=”keyword-specific-name.jpg” alt=” description of my image”>. Where spam would enter the scene is via keyword stuffing (many words crammed into the ALT attribute) in hopes of getting ranked by those keywords inserted.

Do it correctly and optimize for Google’s image search by providing a good filename and a short, related description. If you are looking to brand yourself, you may even graphically place a transparent logo or overlay text right on the image. 

This way, when it shows up in an image search, users have a reference of its origin. You see this often on videos (i.e.: youtube), where a reference to the website sits on the bottom of the screen during play–as a reminder of where it came from.

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