Google’s New Messaging App Aims To Unify Gmail, Drive, And Hangouts apps.

Going by a recent report, Google is in the process of creating a new messaging app. The company’s development unit is working towards unifying the functions of several existing apps into one. The report detailed that this new messaging app would combine the features from Hangouts Meet, Hangouts Chat, and Drive, and will also include Gmail features. 

The newest app is going to be a mobile app and news is yet to state a desktop or Web version.  

Thomas Kurian, the CEO of Google’s cloud unit, discussed the new app at a conference held in mid-January for the unit’s salespeople and business partners.

Pulling in features from Gmail, like the last email you sent the person you're messaging, would be unique and genuinely useful. This makes it, unlike Slack that already lets you send messages, share files, and do video chats, which covers most of these apps, as well as it's desktop and web version. 

If this service launches, it would be Google's tenth messaging app. It's hard to know what messaging apps are sticking around and which ones won't stay long. 

It’s a welcome development because many people use Google apps but all these apps have grown on separate paths and the different options and versions have increasingly created confusion.

The Information reports that it could be a way for Google to win over enterprise customers who’ve moved all their communication, into central collaboration hubs like Microsoft Teams and Slack. 

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