Google Nigeria, in partnership with Flutterwave, kicks off series of business clinics to help 5000 SMEs across Nigeria

Google Nigeria, alongside Flutterwavedigital payments company, will kick off a series of business clinics aimed at helping 5000 merchants across Nigeria acquire the skills and tools needed to leverage the Web for growth. 

The clinic is called the ‘Digital Business Compass’, and the first training sessions will be run from 3 – 5 March in Lagos and will focus on equipping businesses with the tools, technologies, and insights needed for them to grow in the digital age. 

The sessions will include case studies and live sessions to give attending businesses hands-on experience of how Google and Flutterwave’s products can be leveraged and will be followed by consultations with Digital Business Managers and support teams who will give attendees personalized advice on how they can use Google and Flutterwave’s tools and solutions to grow their businesses. 

Co-founder and CEO of Flutterwave, Olugbenga Agboola says “We have always been passionate about inspiring a new wave of prosperity across Africa. In partnership with Google, we are looking forward to empowering SMEs across Africa to scale and drive up revenue.” 

According to Tolulope Akinyele, Google Partners Lead, West Africa, there are lots of MSMEs across the country, yet, “many of them lack the skills and tools to take advantage of the Web to grow their businesses, however. Working with Flutterwave, our goal for holding these clinics is to provide a platform for SMEs to learn skills and master tools that will help them better utilize the Web to grow their businesses.”

Interested SMEs can apply to attend the sessions on 4 March here and 5 March here

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