#Africa4Future Aerospace Acceleration Programme now open to Applicants

Africa4Future is a mutual accelerator program between Airbus’ global aerospace accelerator, BizLab, and Make-IT in Africa, a program by GIZ, the German Agency for International Cooperation.

For the third edition, the accelerator program is open to African start-ups, service providers, software companies that are actively working on solutions in Agriculture and infrastructure that are related to remote-sensing technology. 

This includes automation, blockchain, artificial intelligence, data analytics, material composites, manufacturing and more. Infrastructure refers to transportation/logistics mapping, water monitoring, waste management, real estate, urban development, and other related areas.

Benefits of the Africa4Future Accelerator includes access to the best of Airbus technologies and expertise to create the best possible version of your solution. 250,000 credits on the UP42 platform to access powerful analytics tools. An opportunity to present a project to the leadership of Airbus and GIZ for potential collaboration. 

Tailored coaching to improve your value proposition and your business’ capacity to work with large organizations. Connection with Airbus experts, local industry experts, and investors. Potential to connect with the global value chain and build commercial traction through showcase events in Africa and Europe (Viva Tech, Africa-France summit and more).

The 3-month program will include virtual coaching sessions, expert sessions with Airbus experts in Europe, connection to industry experts locally, access to Airbus technologies, 250,000 up42 credit, showcase events in Africa and Europe.

At the end of the program, the startups (either standalone or as a consortium) will have the amazing opportunity to pitch a project to the leadership team at Airbus and GIZ for possible collaboration with both organizations.

Eligibility Criteria

Ideal candidates are startups/solution providers/companies that:

  • Create value in Agriculture and Infrastructure sectors.
  • Have the ability to leverage remote sensing technologies.
  • Have been running operations for at least 1 year.
  • Have an existing product with traction (customers and/or revenue).
  • Have a strong management team.
  • Have experience leveraging partnerships to create impact.
  • In addition to the above, companies must be registered in Africa and at least one active member of the founding team must be a Citizen of an African country.

Applications are now open and startups can apply from now until 14th March 2020. You can apply here http://bit.ly/africa4future

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