Adidas, Google and EA team up for new Jacquard product

Google’s Advanced Technologies and Products unit in time past worked on a “Project Jacquard”. It was essentially trying to work with denim crafting company Levi‘s to make one of its signature Commuter trucker jackets, but with a cuff woven with touch sensors and a Bluetooth-enabled band embedded within. 

The band connects with your phone and allows you to swipe up or down on calls and notifications and even trigger actions if third-party app developers get on board. 

It looks like the project isn’t dead, even though it disappeared from headlines over the past couple of years. According to a recent tweet by Adidas, the company is teaming up with the Google Advanced Technology and Projects group and EA Sports’ FIFA Mobile brand for some sort of Jacquard product which will allow users to “Play Connected”.

Jacquard, which is made out of Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) skunkworks group, incorporates touch-sensitive fabric into clothes and accessories. That fabric is linked to a tiny computer that can connect to your phone, and you can touch the fabric to do things like control music and silence your phone.

Right now, Jacquard is only available on certain Levi’s jackets and a Yves Saint Laurent backpack, but this new teaser suggests the announcement of the first athletic apparel that incorporates the Jacquard technology. Perhaps the apparel will connect to FIFA Mobile in some way to give users an in-game bonus if they wear it while playing soccer or while exercising.

March 10 is the date when we supposedly get more details on the project.

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