54gene, a Nigerian startup has launched a genomics research initiative

African genomics research, services, and development startup, Nigeria’s 54gene, has announced the launch of the African Centre for Translational Genomics (ACTG), an initiative established to facilitate translational genomics research by African scientists.

According to Babatunde Lawal Salako, director-general of the Nigeria Institute of Medical Research and co-leader of the steering committee, the aim is to engage senior scientists that have made their mark in the field of cardiometabolic research in teaching hospitals across the country to ensure representativeness and quality.”

The establishing of the ACTG will re-invest in the health ecosystem by empowering the next generation of African genomic scientists through the provision and implementation of grants, fellowships, internships and training for medical researchers, trainees and students. 

As an effort towards achieving its mandate, the ACTG will be funding its first study under the Non-Communicable Diseases – Genetic Heritage Study (NCD-GHS) Consortium. 

54gene founder Dr. Abasi Ene-Obong mentioned that “In continuation with our belief at 54gene that genetic research in Africa should be ethical and beneficial to the communities we serve, and that African scientists be at the forefront of new drug discoveries that benefit Africans and the world at large, we have set up the ACTG to harness translational genetic research across Africa.”

“The NCD-GHS study is our pilot effort under the ACTG that has the potential to rewrite the playbook of genomics research, where African scientists will be placed at the forefront of new drug discoveries for conditions that affect the health of not only Nigerians but greater Africa and the world.”

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