Why You Should Optimize Voice Assistant

In times past, there has been an advancement in voice technology seen in the likes of Siri, Alexa, and the general google assistant. voice assistant technology innovation is a naturally free-flowing medium that cannot be easily translated into digital technology. Voice commands and assistants are useful now to those who know how to effectively optimize and utilize them. In the nearest future, they will even be more useful in running our day to day activities. 

They are certainly making the waves and there is no doubt that they are here to stay. In that regard then it will be of great benefit to know what exactly they are capable of doing and what impact they are capable of having in the lives of those who use them. Human beings are motivated by a set of core needs and values that do not change over time.

Voice technology is a great tool that can be maximized by individuals with visual impairments who have to rely on on-screen readers and text-to-speech dictation systems.

Using voice assistants devices makes perfect sense because it’s quicker and more user-friendly than typing.

Personalization and meaning

Voice assistants unlock various ways to serve the desire for personalization. they are as well unlocking new ways to serve a deep-rooted human need for meaningful relationships. A report states that Amazon has filed a patent for voice technologies that will allow Alexa to discern and respond to a user's age, gender, language, accent and more. Huawei and Gatebox are also been worked on to provide simple and complex personalized services to people. 

Every day, people are served the personalized experience of the online space based on their tastes, preferences and past behaviors which are all embodied by the personal data. The rise of AI-fueled voice digital assistants is now presenting clear opportunities to extend this kind of personalization.

A range of home assistants can now or will soon be able to distinguish between multiple regular users and serve them appropriately. So that if a specific user says, “Play me some music”, that user will be served music for their personal playlist.

Home assistants can leverage other factors of relevance, time of day, local weather, and so on, to deliver a more relevant experience. As voice assistants evolve, the kinds of personalization they are able to offer will become deeper and more complex. This will include personalization around the emotional state of users, and around some key aspects of and metrics relating to health and well-being.

As AI-backed, voice assistants become able to understand their users in deeper and more complex ways, the nature of the relationship that users have with these technologies will change. This relationship will become about more than just functionality and transaction. Users will come to see virtual entities as companions, counselors, even friends.

The idea that anyone would see a virtual entity as something akin to a friend might sound like something out of science-fiction. And we’re still a long way from that. But it’s already possible to see the first glimmerings of this shift.

Searches with your voice

Those who don’t use Apple devices may be interested to know that Microsoft has made great strides with the Windows equivalent, Cortana. In fact, Cortana is integrated into the new Windows 10 operating system and can be accessed right from the bottom tray of the screen.

And of course, Google has its own version called OK Google for use on the Chrome browser, Android devices, and even on iPads and iPhones. These voice-activated technologies keep getting better and easier to use. They need less “manual training” than earlier generations of speech recognition apps. They seem to learn how to understand your voice and what you’re asking for intelligently and on the fly.

Create reminders and appointments

Many of us live and die by our to-do lists. With voice-activated assistants like Siri, OK Google and Microsoft’s Cortana, we can add simple reminders or calendar items. Goodbye scribbled notes, hello automated efficiency.

Control software apps

You can use voice commands to control various apps on your devices. For instance, you can use OK Google to give commands as well as use Siri to search your contacts list if you need to lookup an email address or find a contact on your list with a certain name. The command list of things you can do is long and getting longer all the time.

Compose blog posts for your content marketing

In the olden days, an executive might have called in his secretary to “take dictation.” That entailed one person dictating letters or other documents, and one person who knew shorthand taking it down and later transcribing the notes. Very labor-intensive.


Text has served as a key way to get assistance from a chatbot. Chatbots can simulate a conversation with a human user. Many companies use them in the customer service sector to answer basic questions and connect with a live person if necessary. 

There are various reasons why you should utilize voice assistants, they are quite easy to use and very user-friendly.

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