WhatsApp unveils new dark-mode feature on Beta

A lot of people have been expecting a dark mode feature for WhatsApp to ensure the better safety of the eyes. WhatsApp finally heard the call and included a dark mode feature. The only sad thing is that this feature is only available for those who have the beta android apps on their phone.

That is, if you update your WhatsApp for android to version 2.20.13, you will have the chance to be amongst those who will test drive the feature. the reason for this is that the dark mode is still in the testing phase by WhatsApp, hence releasing it for just beta testing.

To activate the dark mode, all the users will have to do is go to their WhatsApp settings > chats > theme and select the mode that suits them.

The WhatsApp dark mode makes use of hues in place of the entirely black. and no one has any idea how long the testing phase is going to last ad when this version will be made available for everyone.

If you're in the special beta club, then you should be able to update the app to the beta version right now. If you want to verify that you have the right version, simply long-press on the app icon and select 'App Info', then select 'Advanced' and scroll down until you see the version number. As long as it's 2.20.13 or higher then you're good to go.

The current dark mode can either be manually enabled or you can have it follow system theme settings if you’re on Android 10. That is, WhatsApp will automatically go dark when you enable system-wide dark mode. Android Pie users and below can manually enable it as well, or they can have it follow the battery saver (i.e. dark mode is enabled when battery saver is turned on).”

Once the dark mode is approved, it applies to the chats menu, settings pages, calls tab and contact list which makes it a very effective feature.

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