Top Tech Blogs To Look Out For In 2020

In recent years, Nigeria has come to be the center of technology in Africa and to be more specific, Lagos state is the greatest carrier of the tech space and as such, the need for tech blogs to keep the tech audience, we have in the space as informed and updated as possible. Technology has come to be a popular niche giving not just information about technology and the latest news on it but also gadgets reviews and trends. 

Some of these tech blogs pick an aspect of technology to focus on, others, on the other hand, focus on technology as a whole covering any and every aspect of it as long as it appears to be technology news.

Because we expect even better technology trends this year, we have seen a need to do this piece on the top tech blogs you should look out for and follow this year in order not to miss out on important and your most favorite technology trends.


Tech cabal is regarded as the number one tech blog in Nigeria as of 2017. It has come to be the most visited tech blog in Nigeria, probably the biggest in Africa. The blog was established in 2013 by Bankole Olufemi. The blog focuses on startups, investments and core tech issues in Nigeria

In a country where Entertainment dominates, I don’t know the secret of how this tech site has made it to the top 50 most visited sites in Nigeria. It might be from the title Everyone is invited, the feat they have reached, has made many tech bloggers look up to it for unbiased reviews, start-up news and groundbreaking revolution in Africa. The blog aims to bring together tech enthusiasts to share ideas and experiences in the tech world.

This innovative blog is widely known for its keen news on exciting tech startups, gadgets and across Africa. Welcoming you to arguably the biggest tech sphere, Osarumen and Tola will wouldn’t need to tell; You are all invited.


Techpoint has the second-highest audience base in Nigeria. They tell the African Tech story using a touch of Africanism in a form you have never seen. You will be surprised how resources are left untapped in Africa which is ripe for the taking. Founded by Adewale Yusuf and Muyiwa Matuluko

Techpoint aims to open your entrepreneur’s mind to vast opportunities and the daily news on how the fortune companies control the Technology space. It comes through as the blog for tech entertainment as well as education and information.


How will the list be complete without our very humble self included? covers a wide range of African technology-related news and topics, such as startups, innovation, gadgets, emerging trends and business in tech, and how they affect everyday life. 

The aim is to cover insightful news, trends, analysis, and a wide range of topics, this is done in order to bring to the audience base, the latest in technological advancement and breakthroughs.

We have a passionate editorial team that is committed to reporting all the developments in technology in an easy-to-read-and-understand format and as well as cover both fun and important range of topics. is owned and managed by Creacion Tech LTD, a technology company headquartered in the heart of Lagos.

TECH ECONOMY.NG is a leading Technology Blog in Nigeria; they x-ray business-focused reports and as well turn the lenses on Disruptive Technologies, Technopreneurs, and tracing the success stories as TechLegacies in this emerging market; highlighting the challenges and pushing for solutions. 

They also deliver top-notch TechNews on all things related to Telecoms, Startups, Finance, Opinions, Travel/Postal, TechInfluencers (Interviews) strives to keep the Tech-Community updated on events in the ecosystem and that is why they have subsegments like TechDiary, Apply, Tips & Reviews, Gaming/Apps, Research-based articles, Editorials, and Press Releases/Widgets categories on the platform.


TechRez is a premier technology blog. It has its core on tech news, gadgets revelation,  gaming, science, reviews, and startups. 

They aim to push startups, put technology and entrepreneurship in the DNA of Nigerian youth.

The tech category deals with gadgets and gaming. They have a review section that provides unbiased ratings about gadgets, smartphones, games, apps, and services, while their science section takes you away from conventional tech stories to big-tech. 

They aim to give readers the highest quality content that is both easy to read and informative. 


Techslize is a tech blog with a laser focus on Startups, Software development, Apps, Reviews and Reports from the nascent world of Android and IOS OS.

they inform and update their audience base about new startups, latest and trending tech news and every other general update in the tech space. They have various subsections for phones, internet and data, site reviews, mobile apps, and a blog.

Techslize was founded by Moses Dzarmah, with a vision of Reporting Technology. 


TechCity is Nigeria’s forms its niche around reviews and reporting of Technology News across Nigeria. They do this through their blog page and online videos hosted on YouTube. They are also a professional IT company that provides various IT related services with a pragmatic approach.

Tech-City focuses on providing Total Solution right from conception to completion of the projects.

They also provide services such as Web Design and Development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Application Development (Web and Desktop Softwares) and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing).


Naijatechguide is a tech site primarily for phone reviews, comparisons, and specs. If you are a tech fan searching for phones and gadgets; you must have stumbled upon this site when searching for phones on search engines.

The word out there is Naijatechguide is the first blog to earn millions from affiliate advertisements from Konga and Jumia. The blog was founded by Pascal Okafor in 2006. The audience base is made up of mostly tech gadgets buyers.


Specsprice gives their audience the purest form of detailed reports about tech gadgets, Smartphones, and Simple Telcom hacks. It boasts of unbiased review, well if you think otherwise, you can check it out for yourself


If you want to learn how to blog in Nigeria,  you can learn everything from one of the top tech bloggers known as Jide Ogunsanya.

This tech site has offered more to Nigerian bloggers than any other site. Ogbonge’s blogs about Practical Guide on how to’s and technology-related information which ranges from blogging tutorials, affiliate advertisement, and multiple options to monetize blogs. Without a doubt, the most valuable blog to bloggers  In Nigeria and overseas is ogbonge.


They say too many cooks spoil the broth, but Geek ng has defied this law, with multiple author posts, Nigerian bloggers have grown to love them. I personally too like them.

This blog mainly focuses on phone reviews,  phone comparisons, tech news and other related topics about tech. Their youtube channel is worth a spectacle to watch unboxing videos and detailed reviews.


Founded by Tobi Ayeni, her niche is centered around gadgets and mobile app reviews, as well as females in the tech space.

She has made tech blogging techy and fun to blog about, but don’t be deceived because this woman has worked her has ass out to reach where she is right now. While technology blogs in Nigeria lack Candid and techy reviews. Her crisp reviews about smartphones is breathtaking; you will find it worthwhile to stick around.

Misstechy’s blog is a worthy addition to the technology space. She started in 2015 and her blog makes people think differently about technology, the rating of this site alone in a short span of time is just incredible. 


Mobility Arena, founded by Yemi Adegboye, is one of the oldest tech blogs in Nigeria. It is a site that represents the GSM arena for Nigerians. It has made smartphone reviews simplistic and easy to absorb. You will also find MobilityArena suitable for all forms of tech update. It was founded in 2008. They consult for businesses and organizations interested in the Nigerian mobile market. They also provide digital marketing services, media training and SEO services. 

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