Discover X Team Hosts Hub and Tech Community Leaders at X Frame, Seeks Partnership in Preparation for Discover X

Lagos, Nigeria: On January 25, 2020, the Discover X team played host to tech and community leaders at Cedar Hive Incubator & Coworking Space, one of their partner innovation hubs. The event titled X Frame was organized to network with stakeholders in the ecosystem in preparation for the June 1-3 battleground.

XFrame had in attendance representatives from different developer communities including Figma Africa, AI Saturdays Lagos, and Facebook Developers Circle. It was an informal gathering as the guests were treated to good music and food at the outdoor arena of Cedar Hive.

This event was crucial to announce Discover X to the community and to seek their partnership in becoming active participants and collaborators during and after the battleground.

Speaking on the idea behind Discover X, the Convener Victor Tubotamuno noted that, 

We live in a world where it still pays financially to be part of a destructive system, so we need to outcompete this model. Discover X aims to leave behind a better future for Africans, to put back into the environment, society, and our economy more than we take. It is important that we engineer new systems that provide better economic outcomes to challenges we face, and are better for people and the continent.

Mr. Victor commenting on X Frame remarked that,

the conversation was centered around the need for open, collaborative ecosystems to truly affect change. Discover X recognizes this, that to outcompete destructive systems we need the right incentives applied with appropriate technology. We believe with an event like the battleground, we could enable these collaborative processes to connect stakeholders across industries in ways which weren't possible before.

Barbara Onyejose, Community Manager at Cedar Hive Incubator & Coworking space and Chief Host of the meetup, informed the attendees that the space is passionate about ecosystem building and gave an open invitation to the developers to make Cedar Hive their choice of working space.

Discover X promises to be different from any other hackathon held in Nigeria. Through key partnerships that are being formed, the solutions that will be produced from the hackathon will be in response to problems that have been identified by industry leaders. Furthermore, the solutions will be incubated in partnership with selected tech hubs to ensure that the products and/or services are brought to the market.

About Discover X: Discover X is a battleground that seeks to source solutions to Africa's problems through innovation, using technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and VR/AR/MR. A major objective of Discover X is to encourage collaboration between stakeholders in Africa's tech ecosystem; from the startups and large organizations that are in need of value-adding products to market, to hubs and universities where talents can be sourced.

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