Mimi Omokri - Planting highly measurable growth tactics in the minds of people

Mimi Omokri, Head of Business at Uber has a long and varied career, serving as an executive for numerous high-profile companies and currently, Uber’s Head of Business Development for Sub-Saharan Africa, one of the fast-growing regions for the company.

Southern-Nigerian by birth, British by education. she has worked on the ground in more than 20+ countries delivering new business models. She gets obsessive about Growth and likes spending time planting highly measurable growth tactics in the minds of those she comes across.

She has been privileged to work with several world-class payment teams like Mastercard and American Express: Commercial Payments, Enterprise partnerships, Virtual Cards, Co-brands, Customer Service & Experience, Strategic Planning, Customer Capabilities, Product Development, and Marketing.

She has had to run product partnerships and work on various elements of the growth stack at two of Africa's most disruptive startups (Jumia & Irokotv.com), where she helped set up scalable processes and led SEM/SEO, offline marketing, loyalty, email, and conversion; Built strategic partnerships with some of the biggest brands residing in Africa (Millicom, Airtel, Vodafone, Panasonic, Samsung, MTN, etc).

She seems to be drawn to organizations that stay inquisitive even as they grow more influential. Her refusal to specialize has led to a breadth of experience in all facets of product, marketing, and business strategy. She likes to tie things together into a cohesive, scalable strategy, and then get to work making it happen. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty but also likes to make sure her work adds long-term value and will do the right analysis to make sure that happens.

Prior to Uber, Mimi led commercial payments and built the Sub-Saharan Africa enterprise business at Mastercard from the ground-up at a time when startups were chipping away at incumbents and new technology was creating opportunities for all players. Name an innovation that’s changed commercial payments, mobile, e-commerce, AI, virtual, and Mimi has been there in the trenches.
She also understands the importance of bringing leading brands together through partnerships. Mimi has forged relationships between Amadeus and many notable companies — Citibank, Harrods, British Airways, Visa, Ethiopian Airlines, MTN Group, and others — to give people in Europe, Middle East, and Africa easier access to their bank accounts and the ability to send payments on the platform.
Prior to Mastercard, Mimi had 10+ yrs leading teams to build and scale market-defining technology products at today’s most innovative companies including Jumia Group, Iroko Partners and American Express in Europe, holding P&L and leadership.

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