Lillian Barnard - Promoting gender equality in African workplace

Lillian Barnard is the Managing Director of Microsoft South Africa, and she has been crucial in re-igniting the South African division of Women at Microsoft and encouraging a society that promotes gender equality in the workplace.

Lillian Barnard has more than 20 years’ experience in the ICT industry. Lillian was appointed as the Managing Director of Microsoft South Africa in March 2019. She joined Microsoft in May 2017 as Public Sector Director for South Africa, a role she held for almost two years. 

She is an experienced professional with proven skills and a strong knowledge of the economic market. Through the several executive positions that Lillian has handled, both locally and overseas, she has earned vast knowledge in commerce, operations, business controls, strategy, business conversion, and administration.

Her experience, coupled with her extensive industry expertise, places her perfectly to strengthen Microsoft’s dedication to South Africa and its dreams to drive its digital transformation objectives and enable governments, corporations, and individuals to deliver more. 

She has become notable for building healthy, high-performing teams that consistently produce on their economic targets, while also delivering innovative digital solutions to her associates and customers. Having led large teams both locally and abroad, she is known for strength in advancing characters and building an ecosystem where everyone can do their most excellent task. 

Lillian is enthusiastic about investing in an absolutely assorted and comprehensive workplace. By drawing on her own expertise, she strives to generate a society that facilitates personalities to produce their genuine characters to the workplace and be embraced for that identity.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Lillian operated as Chief Sales Officer for Vodacom’s Enterprise Business for two years. She also managed LillianB Consulting Services where she was an advisor and mentor to business leaders. During Lillian’s 15-year profession at IBM, she handled a number of key leadership posts, including serving for 7 years at the IBM European Headquarters in France and Switzerland. 

She previously served on the boards of Vodacom South Africa, Mango Airlines and Dad-fund Non-Profit Organization as well.

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