Huawei Mobile Services recently launched its Developer Programme in South Africa

Huawei Mobile Services(HMS) recently launched its Developer Programme, Shining-Star, in South Africa. This program is directed at rendering abilities advancement to the country’s ICT enterprise in various ways. It supports developers in exercise, building and originating their apps by supplying them comprehensive and unconstrained assistance in the pattern of technological improvement, measurement, and marketing accessories and exhibition.
Developers are also able to design and advertise their apps on the Huawei App Gallery platform for free. The apps are accessible to download for any Huawei user throughout the globe. Monthly existing users of Huawei mobile devices are predicted to exceed 570 million globally. Access to global markets enables local developers to build themselves past the fringes of South Africa. Another way of addressing the ICT skills deficit in South Africa is through free education and skills transfer programs. This initiative is directed at decreasing the isolation of individuals from training institutions due to a lack of funding. Huawei has partnered with Udemy, an online training, and schooling academy, as well as a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), which will render online coding programs to programmers all over South Africa. Under this initiative, Huawei will initiate a free training center in Gauteng that will be accessible to people, university students, and freelance programmers who are now proficient or who want to learn more. This state-of-the-art training center will possess all the hardware and software needed for training and will act as an incubation hub. Huawei Mobile Services, will also be running competition trials for app developers. Participants in one of the planned challenges hold the chance of winning an R200 000 cash prize, as well as R100 000’s worth of marketing support. Huawei has further announced a competition where ten skilled developers will win an all-expenses-paid tour to China, the home of Huawei to undergo first-hand their code lab environments. This will give these app developers global exposure and training, which is key in developing world-class apps. The tech skills deficiency in South Africa needs a multi-pronged strategy rooted in special/public partnerships. Access to knowledge and technological infrastructure is essential in achieving the skills divide. In extension, training advancement, as well as research in the technological space that is administered by companies like Huawei, will contribute to decreasing the country’s ITC skills deficiencies. With the appropriate skills, South Africa can obtain its place in the 4IR run. Original post credit to IT news Africa

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