How to Maintain a website

Owning a website comes with certain duties. It is not something you build and just expect to grow on its own. It is just like a seed planted, you must be very intentional about its care to ensure it grows in its due season. Regular website maintenance is a compulsory ingredient in ensuring the success of your website. 

Regular website maintenance will;

  1. Ensure your site is secure. This is very important as websites get hacked, and hacked sites lose visitors and when people do not visit your site you automatically lose traffic.
  2. Prevent you from entirely losing contents and all other things by keeping a regular backup schedule.
  3. Prevent disgruntled users because you will only be providing the best things on your site and you won’t have to spend most of your time explaining why something doesn’t work or why you have a broken link.
  4. Keep regular visitors happy as they will have only fresh, updated information and exciting news at all times.

There are various things that can be done to maintain a website. You can decide to do these things yourself or hire a professional if you will. The goal is to ensure that whatever you decide on is what is best for your website.

Here’s a quick list to get you going on keeping your website running:

Keep your site secure: Always monitor for malware, viruses, hackers, and errors. The earlier you are able to detect them, the faster you can secure your website back and ensure less or no visitors to your website get to notice any of these faults.

Hackers do not usually make an elaborate announcement when they get on the front page of your website. They might have charge of your website and you won’t even know about it. When you set up a regular monitoring service it will ensure that you do not get infected or have issues with site errors. You will be able to fix them very fast.

Ensure you keep a regular backup schedule: Backing up your site is something that should be done regularly, especially if you own a site that gets updated often. A lot of things can happen and your website host is not expected to keep a scheduled backup for you. Even when that is the case, it might be old and not on track with the latest site update you have. If the server ever happens to crash for some reason, or the site gets hacked, or any issue arises from something you should have done but did not do, then every edit you have will be gone.

Keep your Software always updated: Most websites are built on a Content Management System, which means that its software can potentially be exploited at any time. People tend to use WordPress for various reasons, but one is that it gets updated, secure, and improved constantly. When WordPress releases a new version, the next thing to do will be to update your site. Failing to do this leaves you and your site very vulnerable. Plugin updates should be treated in the same way as all forms of software updates are a form of protection.

Keep your Content updated: This isn’t strictly a maintenance issue, but it is also important to keep your site fresh and updated on the content front that you are including. Ensuring you have a regular blogging or publishing schedule that pushes out relevant content will keep your returning visitors happy and engaged. The search engines will like you a whole lot more too as you will be providing answers to queries that come in. If there was one piece of SEO advice that should always be given, it is to publish relevant content and publish it often.

There are a few other tasks that should be noted;
  • Check for broken links always. Nobody likes broken links and if people keep seeing this on your site then be sure they will not revisit your site.
  • Check site speed. Everyone knows that a fast site is a good site. Nobody should have to spend hours before they get a response to their queries.
  • Track your site statistics. There are Google Analytics on every site built, but if you don’t check you won’t know.
  • Ensure your site is mobile friendly. Everyone has a mobile device on the go and it is the first thing that comes handy for a search. So ensure that if you have a response to a query then your site does not crawl slowly on a mobile device.

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