Adeola Shasanya: Inspiring Young Women in Tech.

Adeola Shasanya is one of the co-founders of AfroTechGirls - a private NGO inspiring and encouraging more girls and young women to embrace STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Due to the gender gap in the Technology industry, especially in many African countries including Nigeria, Adeola Shasanya and two colleagues started the NGO in 2014 with a mission to encourage, educate and empower African girls of secondary and university levels in the STEM fields to follow through and achieve whatever goals they set for themselves through mentorship, teamwork, creativity, and innovation.

She is a graduate of B.Eng. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Covenant University, Nigeria, and M.Sc in Renewable Energy and Clean Technology from the University of Manchester, UK. She grew up with an interest in subjects like Chemistry, Maths, Physics. She was later introduced to Applied Electricity in her secondary school, which sparked her interest in power and electricity.

Her first STEM job was at Allied Computers as an engineering intern in 2009/2010. Adeola Shasanya presently works as a Project Manager at a micro-utility/renewable energy company in Lagos, Nigeria. She is an engineering and sustainable energy enthusiast with an interest in project management. Deola loves travelling, watching soccer and trying new food.

She believes more ladies and young girls should be encouraged to join the technology scene. She hopes to see more women rise to hold key positions in the tech world and also create work environments that enable women to thrive in the industry. She mentors young girls in tech to develop their skills, learn from thier mistakes and help build the necessary key competencies required for them to succeed in their careers.

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