Lori, an East-African "Uber-Like" Logistics Company, Expands to Nigeria.

Lori, an East-African e-Logistics Company, recently announced the company's expansion to Nigeria. Founded in 2016, the Uber-like startup company is the largest logistics coordination platform in East Africa that seamlessly connects Cargo Owners to Transportation through digital platforms. 

After completing a successful pilot in Nigeria with some of the country's top cargo companies including Olam, Honeywell Flour Mills, and Flour Mills Nigeria, the company believes the expansion presents a huge opportunity for Lori. The company seeks to facilitate and connect technology innovation, smart policy and government partnerships, and seamless operations to continue to lower the cost of goods.

“Lori is at the forefront of revolutionizing cargo transport across Africa from the ground up,” said Uche Ogboi, Lori Chief Operating Officer

“Our mission in Nigeria is to create a more efficient logistics experience for cargo owners who are burdened with the task of moving their goods across the country. We have successfully created a digital platform to enable the movement of goods through a transparent supply chain management system that is affordable, reliable and flexible,” she added.

As Africa’s largest single market, Nigeria faces challenges with a congested port and a shortage of transport options. Startups like Lori and Kobo360 are on a mission to solve the problem and help reduce the high cost of goods across Africa where in certain countries, up to 75% of the cost of a product on the continent is attributed to logistics, compared to only 6% in the U.S.

Koko360 recently raised $30M backed by Goldman Sachs and some Nigerian commercial banks to expand their business. The Nigerian freight logistics startup will use the funds to upgrade its platform and expand to 10 new countries beyond the current operation markets of Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, and Kenya.

These companies aim to eliminate customer pain points along the cargo journey with new technologies and superior user experience.

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