Satellite Internet about to become cheaper, as NIGCOMSAT initiates PortaBilling

The Nigeria Communications Satellite Limited, NIGCOMSAT, has decided to take a new approach in improving the coverage area and cost of satellite internet and to deliver connectivity solutions in Nigeria by establishing an eco-system of Virtual Internet Service Providers (VISPs). They intend to operate with Business Support System, PortaBilling, provided by PortaOne, digital BSS and will deliver services to key markets like maritime, enterprise, defense, government and so on.

The Managing Director and CEO NIGCOMSAT, Dr. Abimbola Alale, said “this robust and flexible solution will address the common challenges that Internet Service providers in Nigeria face at the moment. It will also aid profitability, market readiness and a need for technology, which evolves with the market because PortaOne offers a license, unlimited in terms of the number of subscribers or resellers. This helps to maintain a low and predictable TCO, Total Cost of Ownership,”
With this new development, internet access would be much easier if this new development can take place. It would make it much easier for a business enterprise to operate very well.

The Executive Director, Technical Services of NIGCOMSAT, Kazeem Raji said he is impressed with the open architecture of PortaBilling which will enable NIGCOMSAT to seamlessly tie it into various back-office and VAS system.

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