OPay: A Welcome Disruption.

An African centered payment platform that provides services that cut across different industries; from transportation, food delivery, and logistics. This brainchild came about, after the acquisition of    Norwegian company Opera, by a consortium of Chinese venture capitalists for $600 million in 2016. This move positions the payment platform which as of now works primarily in Nigeria to favorably take over Kenya as the leader in digital payments.

OPay has taken the Nigeria economy by surprise with its OPay App performing so many functions and the discount rate they are giving out as being awesome. The company has grown to be able to process an estimate of  $5million in payments and having 40,000 active agents in Nigeria alone. This positions the OPay 2nd only to Paga, the countries leading digital payment platform. The competition is quite stiff as in 2018 Paga raised $10 million to expand its operations and network of users, they have an estimated 13 million users on their network. this goes to show Nigerians are taking nicely to the move from a cash run economy to a credit-based digital-driven economy, with tech innovations being the disruptive element.

This is evident as the 'N200 anywhere in Lagos' promo-ride has put some on-demand bikes at a disadvantage, they are being priced out of demand. Similarly, they are giving the online restaurant a run with their 'N10 first meal for every N500' food order and N300 from their second order. An added advantage is the fact that it is a multi-faceted payment platform the app has found a way to be a 'jack of many trades' with functions like ORide, OBus, OWealth which is an investment platform, OKash where you can loan money, Airtime where you buy your call credit at a discount rate, Electricity, Tv, Betting, Mobile Data, and Bank Transfer.

The rate at which Opay is going, they would completely take over the economy by using technology to make things easy for the people to order things. If our Nigeria government can make use of this system for so many things in Nigeria, the economy will go far.

The take-back inherent in their success is creating a solution to the business and social needs of  Nigerians will expose you to quite an extensive viable customer base of an estimated 190 million people, most of whom are in their prime working-age, this makes the OPay App a very welcome disruption

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