Nigerian startup Splatt launches online education platform

A Nigeria startup has launched an online education platform, Splatt, that provides students with various tools they can leverage on for learning and revision of academic content. Splatt stands for SIMPLE PERSONALIZED AFFECTIVE LEARNING TOOLS. Splatt's objective is to help student's around the world have the best-personalized learning experience when learning anything.

The startup is a research spin-off project from research clusters in Covenant University. It was founded in July 2019, with tools to observe the user and figure out how best students learn and provide them with some other interesting services based on our understanding of them. All this is possible leveraging on top-notch education psychology and artificial intelligence research that goes on in Covenant University.

The self-funded startup already has around 50 registered users who have spent about eight hours studying on the platform, and plans to introduce more services soon. It is focused on getting user feedback before monetizing but plans to run a subscription business model.

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