New from the Orchards: iPhone 11/iPad/Apple Watch Series 5 - Review

Apple on Tuesday played to its strengths with powerful new iPhone and iPad models able to serve as stages for its new game and television services. The super-tech brand has come up with features tailored to the lifestyle demands of its large consumer base. 
 iPhone 11, 11 pro, 11 pro max

Apple introduced three new iPhone models. Unveiling the new iPhone is the focal point of any Apple event, the iPhone 11 features a better finishing than any of its predecessors. Its matte finishing and steel case gives it a sophisticated look, the midnight green shade looks alluring up close than it does in photos. It comes with an A13 bionic processor, a fresh color palette and it's designed for faster performance. The most visible improvement is the 3 camera feature of the phone, this allows 'Deep Fusion'  which compiles images to reduce noise and amp up details. However, even with the new camera features Apple is still playing catch up with competitors in that regard. The phone comes with wi-fi 6 support and none for 5G networks. For more information and retail price, Click here
iPad 2019 with a Pencil

The iPad Pro comes with the most visible changes, it eliminates the home button in favor of face id. It comes in two sizes 11 and 13-inch screens, this makes it very ideal for drawing. Infused with an A-12 Bionic processor its the most expensive of all the iPads. For more information and price, Click here.

The regular iPad comes next, save for is 10.2 inches an 0.5-inch increase from its predecessor, it has the same features as the 2018 version down right to the A-10 fusion processors. For more information and price, Click here.

The iPad mini comes with an 8-inch display and an A-12 Bionic processor with 64gb of storage. It's an ideal travel companion. 
Watch time - Apple Watch Series 5

The fifth-generation Apple Watch has arguably evolved the most out of the products showcased at the last Apple event. This sophisticated wearable tech piece comes with OS6 built-in. It moved from OLED to micro-LED, also features a new 'Always-on retina display'. These features allow for the series 5 to last for up to 18 hours. Its OS6 upgrade comes with health features that keep track of heart rate and ECG as well as fall detection. For more information, Click here.
TV and Games
Apple’s promised streaming television service — dubbed TV+ — will launch internationally on November 1. The line-up of original shows will include “The Morning Show,” “Dickinson,” “See,” “For All Mankind” and “The Elephant Queen.”

For more details about Apple Products and where to buy them in Nigeria, Click Here. 

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