Live Smart: The Evolution of Design and Electronics

As the global market for consumer electronics continues to grow, and lives are being impacted with the ease of automation. The need for simple easy to use devices is becoming more evident in the way consumers react to products in this tier. In a world that's characterized by a cacophony from different brands selling products with different propositions, the ease of use will easily get your products recognized. This trend is even more evident in products that have been successful in the past and have reached maturity and are close to market saturation i.e smartphones. Technological products and services are evaluated based on the solution they are created to solve. There's no limit to the range of application of their ingenuity, another area that consumers are gravitating to is the use of smart home appliances using virtual assistants. Consumers are now keen on controlling household appliances with voice automation. Arising from different needs like young couples keeping an eye on their kids from work with the aid of apps from their smartphones to the security of goods kept in a warehouse, people are demanding for easy to use, electronics.

The Nigerian market has experienced more of this in terms of tech designed for commerce and business solutions. Given the tough business climate and the need to be ahead of the curve, ease of use becomes a major criterion in decided if to invest in buying of tech or not. As such, the dictates of the market have become evident in the design of these revolutionary products. It is also seen in the learning materials and tech 'Know-how' that is invested in the production of these appliances or solutions. These days there is an abundance of easy to learn and to do courses on the back end of the tech industry. Codes and UX designs can be learned and practiced online by pupils as young as 8 years.

As we evolve, there is a trend about rejecting products that are complex or difficult to use. Consumers prefer simplicity when choosing their smart home devices. If a product or technology is not simple to use, people will lose interest in it.

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