'Imagine': Samsung Galaxy tab S6 review.

To be or improve on what it has been? The Samsung Galaxy tab S6 was crafted with subtleties that speak in volumes. It comes in a zen-ish design, built for super-fast performance with an integrated stylus charging. It features a book cover keyboard with a touchpad and a sound output that will pleasantly surprise you.

Though Apple remains ahead of the curve in the sphere of tabs, the S6 is keeping them on their toes. This updated version of the flagship edition comes with new features like the integrated stylus charging, the super-fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, which allows multitasking on different interfaces. Speaking of multitasking, the Dexymode returns to the S6 in a longer taskbar function and aesthetically placed at the bottom display. The keypad also comes with a Dex hotkey so it is easy to switch modes.

A magnet groove holds the stylus behind the tab, the stylus makes use of the PENUP app, and its excellent for artistry has an added air action feature.
The battery life is estimated at over 8 hours, falling 3 hours short when compared to Apple. The camera makes up for this though, the 13mp front and  5mp ultrawide dual lenses rear.
All this comes alive on a 10.5 inch, 2560 * 1600 pixel super AMOLED display, with no home button. The picture quality is vivid HD. This is the first of its kind, its a redefinition of the Galaxy tab series.

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