Dr. Ola Orekunrin - Pioneering Nigeria's Air Ambulance Service.

When talking about women taking over the world in a male-dominated country like Nigeria, Dr. Ola Orekunrin has proven to be a goldfish amongst entrepreneurs male and female alike and she did it with an ingenuity nobody as ever thought of. She is the CEO and Managing Director of Flying Doctors Nigeria. She took medical services to a whole new level and brought about a change in the field.

She sited a gap in the delivery of medical services and turned grief into facilitating West Africa's first air ambulance services. They are responsible for the delivery of medical services to remote parts of the African sub-region. Her passion has since then become a viable first of its kind company with a team of 44 doctors managing a fleet of 20 aircraft. 

Dr. Ola was born and brought up in England. She grew up under the foster care parent in Lowestoft. She studied at Hull York Medical School and graduated at the age of 21 making her one of the youngest medical doctors in the United Kingdom.

She worked with the National Health Service in the United Kingdom for 10 years. She has honed over the years her skills as a doctor and also as a helicopter pilot.  She came back to Nigeria and created the first air Emergency Medical Services in Lagos in 2007. Dr. Ola is one of the leading minds in creating innovative solutions to problems peculiar to Africa, by marrying medical tech and managing human resources, which is no easy feat. She has been rightly recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader, she's a TED fellow and also lectures on entrepreneurship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology She is married to Mr. David Brown. 

She has proven that women as well can think outside of the box and move this great country forward. Nigeria can move to a greater height if the women in this country can take the risk and take charge of their lives instead of depending on a dominating man to tell them what to do. Every woman is unique in her way and we can make this country great if only we can think outside the box. 

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