Call of Duty Mobile to be released on October 1st on Android and IOS

The news got around that the mobile version of Call Of Duty game would be released on the 1st of October. The game was developed by Tencent's Timi Studio a Chinese company. It was said that the game would be free to play and will be available in every country that supports the Play Store and iOS store.

“We are delivering the definitive, first-person action experience on mobile with signature Call of Duty gameplay in the palms of your hands, We are bringing together some of the best the franchise has to offer, including Modern Warfare maps like Crash and Crossfire, Black Ops maps like Nuketown and Hijacked, and many more, into one epic title,” said Chris Plummer, VP, Mobile at Activision, in a statement.

The elements of the game would include other franchises like Black Ops and Modern warfare. The Engadget reported that a player can either play solo, duo or quad-player competitions across, air and sea that include ATV, helicopter, raft, and vehicles. So game lovers, get your hats and boots ready cause it's about to get hotter in the gaming world.

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