Techmoney Africa summit

The Tech money Africa summit is an annual event that holds in Lagos, South Africa, Ghana, and Kenya. This is where the various tech hubs in the participating countries meet with investors with the capital to drive innovative ideas aimed at solving the challenges across the continent. This platform proves to be one of the most hopeful summits on the continent. Young hopefuls with the required skills and talents can also network across regions and exchange ideas and share experiences that could foster growth in their various regions.

It’s an oasis that could be replicated across the regions. Where venture capitalist can give life to dreams of young hopefuls, this summit is poised to be a mega hub that could birth a tech revolution. Imagine an African driven hub creating apps that make the lives of an estimated 1.1 billion people better. That’s a readymade market.

This year’s event is to be held at the University of Lagos from the 10th to 11th, it's directed at the young and vibrant student populace the leaders of the future.

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