Should the use of social media by young people be monitored and limited?

The ease and benefits of social media made life easier. It helped youths to build relationships by knowing themselves better. Through social media, young people can see beyond their horizon. People from anywhere can connect with anyone regardless of their geographical location. There are numerous to the use of social media but so far, the shortcomings are outweighing the benefits.

Despite the benefits of social media, it has caused damage to teenagers and young people globally. All it takes is a fake story, and social media can easily ruin a reputation. What many young people are also forgetting is that the internet never forgets. Nothing else wastes the time of young people like social media, the time meant for productive tasks and activities. They are also exposed to more inappropriate contact, contents and peer pressures which exposes them to drug addiction and cybercrimes.

The use of social media by youth can be monitored in different ways. Parents should engage their children in meaningful and constructive activities. Most importantly, filtering the web content viewed by young people should be a step taken by every parent and guardian. Teenagers should be properly educated on the use of the internet and social media. Cyber monitoring teams should work with schools to control illegal activities on social media. The government should also ensure they put in place appropriate laws that can protect youths from exposure to social media negativities.

If care is not taken, social media will easily erode culture and morality in our society. Even though it is giving voice to the people, there is a need to regulate the noise and focus on what is positive.

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