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With the world continuously transforming into a global village, staying connected to the internet and keeping your family and dear ones close to your heart through excellent communication using the available telecommunication networks has become something of great importance. However, different countries have their side of the story to the services the citizens get from available telecommunication services. In this post, we will be focusing our attention on Nigeria.

In Nigeria, there are four major network providers. Citizens get to choose based on their location, availability of the network and the affordability of the data plans.


Although MTN appears to be the leading network in Nigeria, most people would rather use the data services of GLO, AIRTEL or 9MOBILE because of the charges attached to the use of MTN and the rate of data consumption.
70% Nigerians would always vote MTN as the fastest, but it doesn't change the fact that people refer to it as "Empty network" when things get bad.


The review of Glo network performance varies for different locations because Glo does not cover much range like MTN. However, Glo seems to be much more considerate when compared to MTN. The call rate is cheaper, you pay less for data, and yet the data consumption is not as fast as that of MTN, but recently people refer to Glo as "Slow" when they are frustrated.


If you reside in an area with excellent airtel network, you would definitely find it easy to hit the subscription button whenever you are running out of data because Airtel has various plans that fit perfectly for each situation.


Compare with the other three networks mentioned earlier, the use of 9mobile by Nigerians are not yet on the high side, but the network offers amazing data plans and network quality. 9mobile transfer codes vary depending on your plan and budget. Trust Nigerians, 90% believe it is because they need more customers. 

How can easy access to data help individuals and businesses in the country and Africa at large?

Several years back, the traditional trading method was the only available style of trading before the invention of the internet, which has been making trading easy through e-commerce platforms. Staying off the internet means limiting your business to a particular area and hindering the growth of your business. Proper use of the internet has the advantage of making your business recognized all over the world and available to those who wish to patronize you if you are willing to offer international services.

Because of our day to day activities, sitting in front of the television has become something of history to so many people especially those who believe in the quote “the television is not meant for billionaires.” Several services providers, including information carriers, recognized this fact and decided to move their businesses online.
Without easy access to data to keep you online, you might be in the country and yet not be aware of the things going on in your immediate environment. This is because social media is continuously taking over, and you can rely more on some of the information gotten from a reliable social media network than our famous news channels. Better internet service will make the country more connected and recognized.

Benefits of data and internet and how it has changed the way people live

With data availability and easy access to the internet through a fast network from various service providers, life has become more comfortable because you can get almost everything you need to have a healthy life right from your home. The internet has made it easy to do the following:

•    Get information
•    Locate places without asking questions
•    Request for services from home
•    Make transactions without visiting the bank
•   Buy and sell goods at your own convenience without stepping foot in the market and lots more.

Although the provision of cheap data by some networks have made it easy for people to access the internet yet, we cannot completely erase the fact that the internet also has its bad side which could destroy lives.

Future with Internet

With the continuous increase in the world of technology, just as the internet is going to make life easier by providing more platform where people can work online without the fear of a boss, interact with each other easily, and lots more. It is also going to cause so many disasters such as making people lazier, replaces human services with machines, giving more rooms for cybercrime, etc.

The internet is good and fun, but using it wisely is better and more profitable.

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