In the African tech spotlight - Maya Horgan Famodu

Tech heads all over Africa have come to know her as the ‘Mayanator’, a bridge between African tech start-ups and the very much needed funding and exposure to the world at large. A venture capitalist with a growing network that scales up African tech start-ups with hubs in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa. Maya Horgan Famodu founder and partner at Ingressive Capital, she’s created platforms like the ‘high growth Africa summit and the ‘Tech meets entertainment summit’.

The next set of Nigerian innovators will only be empowered when an enabling environment for co-creation is fostered. In an ever-changing information age, communication is key to growth and scaling ideas up fast. There are various intersects between technology and our everyday life. User experience is changing daily, ideas that bring about the ease of doing business and add value to the quality of living are very much in demand.

The future holds promise in value propositions that can birth earnest productivity. The stage is set for the next set of African innovators to bring about a neo-renaissance that’s driven by the development of human capital that’s been vastly untapped. Maya has shown in her giant strides and portfolios, from Tizeti to Paystack, that the future is indeed Female.

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